Level 13 Security provides Executive Protection, Undercover Security, Surveillance, Estate Security, Maritime Security, Logistic and Special Support for Air, Sea & Land with assets available worldwide. We analyze vulnerabilities and perform critical threat assessments to create tailored detailed solutions for specific needs.


Level 13 Security designs and produces information for our clients with extreme precision and confidentiality. We solve challenging personal and business issues with a creative, unique and sophisticated approach. Our global firm is founded by former international intelligence officers and our services are based on the top intel-gathering methodologies developed by the Israeli Intelligence community, which have been carefully adapted to the global corporate business world.


Our private investigators are a team of results-oriented operatives from diverse backgrounds. We have a multi-lingual field team and have the ability to blend into any ethnic or cultural environment.We are highly skilled in depositions and courtroom testimony and provide surveillance for insurance defense and worker’s compensation cases, and most civil and criminal matters. We are full service and specialize in risk management, claims investigation, open source intelligence gathering, background investigations, SIU and counter-fraud operations including corporate espionage.


Level 13 Security provides sophisticated electronic counter measure services to private individuals to Fortune 500 companies to government entities and beyond. Our engineers are able to design a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) service for your specific needs. We meticulously “sweep” spaces to make sure that there are no breaches in privacy. This includes the detection of bugs, hidden cameras, GPS, recording devices, phone line security, computer security and more. We sweep offices, homes, boats, planes, vehicles, businesses and any space that our clients need to be secure. We also provide logistical and electronic support for high level meetings and conversations that must be kept private and other electronic support that are not listed for a variety of security-related reasons.