Guy Friedman, Founder
Guy Friedman, Founder and CEO of Level 13 Security International, is a former Israeli Navy SEAL and has been in the fields of security, executive protection and intelligence for over 25 years.
Guy provides his various services to some of the most influential people in the world, including high net worth individuals, Fortune 500 company leaders, philanthropists, government entities and talent in the entertainment industry.
Guy has operated in more than 45 countries around the globe.
Mr. S, Director of Security
Mr. S is a former US Navy SEAL, completed more than a dozen deployments spanning two decades, including: Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia Balkan Region, Israel, Middle East, and other hostile environments.
Mr. S enhances Level 13 Security International & Domestic Executive Protection Division with his decades of military & DOD service global training for situational awareness, risk mitigation, instantaneous responses and special assignment worldwide.
Mr. X

Mr. X brings his highly unique and ultra creative expertise to L13 Security and comes from some of the most respected intelligence communities in the world. He has worked, lived and served in over 60 countries for 30+ years, leading national and international cyber units—a true pioneer in cyber information including detection, prevention and analyzing risk on a global scale.

Some of information and capabilities are not listed for classified purposes.

Areas of expertise:

  • Intelligence research for multi-national corporations
  • Identification of fraud of any kind
  • Identification of bribery
  • Providing support in high net worth arbitration cases
  • Financial campaigns
  • Asset tracing
  • Employee data leakage
  • Negative campaigns
  • Defense and protection
  • Human Risks - Human Intelligence
  • SIGINT - Signal Intelligence Social Engineering
  • Dark net monitoring
Mr. K Advisory Board

Mr.K Advisory Board

Mr. K retired after serving 28 years at the CIA as a Senior Operations Officer in the US Intelligence Community (USIC). He lead diverse, enterprise-level teams globally. His leadership strengths were coupled with mitigating strategic risk in complex situations, and in managing fast-breaking transnational crises around the globe.

Mr. K provide the ultimate level of sophistication to advise and consult with our client’s needs.